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What is Liquid Access?

We make it easy for brands to create amazing experiences using their rewards and loyalty perks.

True ownership

Give customers the control over their loyalty benefits, fostering a sense of ownership and investment in the brand.

Access experiences

Grant the power to show their experiences by empowering them to share or trade with others.

Unlock loyalty

Encourage potential customers to connect with the brand by activating the benefits they received from their peers.


Technology opens the door to creativity.

Our blockchain-powered products are designed to appeal to a variety of customers, making the technology invisible.

Premium access

Premium Access

Introduce a new subscription plan, airdrop premium access to your loyal customers with new advance perks, and let them trade.

Premium access

Perk-sharing tool

Existing loyalty perks shared by your customers with their inner circle. Your clients become your ambassadors.

Premium access

Adventure box

A real-life experience presented by a celebrity or an influencer within the brand, packaged up as a list of activities and associated passes and privileges to be sold to customers.

Premium access

Entertainment delivered smart

Own the communication with your client, sell smart tickets to track their journey and create add-ons for a more personalized approach.

An invitation that unlocks the power of sharing...

Mia has been a loyal customer of BrandX for years, but no-one knows, as no-one asks.

Its your secret key

From BrandX: “Hey Mia, Its your secret key. It gives you the access to our private event. It’s all yours, you are free to do whatever you want with it.”

Here’s the key to my experience with BrandX

From Mia: “Hey Daniel, here’s the key to my experience with BrandX. Do you want to try it yourself?.”

Daniel activates the key and the door opens

Daniel activates the key and the door opens. Daniel becomes a potential client of BrandX.

Now the brand gives her the power of spreading the word, in the form of sharing her loyalty perks as her experiences. She shares access to a private event with her friend Daniel, so he can try himself and become a part of a brand’s community.

Promoting engagement and loyalty - saving thousands of words and thousands of dollars. No recommendations, no ads, pure experience

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New technology allows us to build greater products

...and we would rather concentrate on that.

But if you must ask
‘Why Blockchain?’


Emails, links, referrals are now far less effective as they looks like spam.


NFTs are secure and easy to track.


Blockchain gives you access to information about the behavior of users in an unprecedented manner.


Mapping the loyalty benefits to the blockchain makes it impossible to make a double spend of the perks and benefits. And prevents multiple ownership.


The cookie world is dying. This is what comes next.